Growing at Electrolux

We believe that great leaders and great people create better results. Therefore we have made talent management and people development a top priority – an area with significant management attention.

We believe that talent, that is our people and all their abilities and skills, is an asset. And like any other asset, it needs to be managed. When we talk about talent management, we’re referring to a systematic approach to promoting and developing all the talent within the Electrolux Group.

Our aim is that Electrolux has a strong pool of outstanding people and a performance culture that strives for excellence. We believe this will lead to outstanding business results. To achieve this, we actively manage our talent assets. Through appraisal talks and talent reviews we evaluate our people and focus on their development. We strive to grow our people through challenging jobs, mobility, coaching, feedback, training, etc. It’s all about your development – and how you develop others.

During a career with us, you will come into contact with many different aspects of our talent management – from coaching, feedback, appraisal talks and talent reviews to mobility and training programs. Below you have an overview of these different aspects.

  • Recruitment
    Recruitment & Selection
  • Introduction
    Introduction & Orientation
  • Performance Management
    Performance Review; Business & Talent Analysis Review; Succession
  • Development
    Internal transfer; Leadership Training; Employee Survey; Mobility
  • Reward & Recognition
    Reward & Recognition
  • End of Employment
    Exit Process
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As a global company Electrolux is present in more than 60 countries and sells in more than 150 markets with 55,000 employees around the world.

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Leadership development is a process, which focuses on taking Electrolux forward and improving the overall business results through accelerated development of the leadership capabilities of our managers.

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