International career

As a highly international company, we strongly encourage mobility between countries, business sectors and functions, as it strengthens the internationalism, professionalism and diversity of our people– and adds to our competitive strength. At the same time, it builds a strong Electrolux leadership.

Mobility is a crucial tool to develop our people and to utilize the knowledge and expertise within the Group. Upon completing a job mission, we believe that a transfer to a new assignment can offer a new learning and growth-enhancing experience, such as:

  • An increased understanding of our cross-functional and cross-border business processes
  • An opportunity to learn from different cultures
  • Exposure to different role models and best practices
Why Electrolux
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"When you take charge of your own career path, we strive to enhance your development, help you progress and provide you with good leaders… all while rewarding you fairly and recognizing the excellence in...

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Working with Electrolux gives people an opportunity to shape their career in a global environment.

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Although the important skills and qualifications differ according to each position, there are some traits which are essential for a successful career at Electrolux.

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