Quality – Self Assessment

Electrolux Major Appliances SQA within Electrolux. Purchased materials/components constitute a major proportion of the content of products manufactured by AB Electrolux, and, consequently, the quality of these materials/components is of utmost importance for the overall quality of our products.

AB Electrolux is committed to put fault-free products on the market. This will be the combined result of good specifications, standardisation, supplier consolidation and supplier certification.

AB Electrolux is carefully selecting suppliers, using only those that can demonstrate the full commitment and ability to comply with our requirements.

The basic Supplier Quality Assurance objectives are to assist Purchasing to:

  1. realise the greater combined purchasing opportunity of working through the entire AB Electrolux organisation,
  2. achieve the optimised supplier base, and
  3. consequently create the most effective network of alliances with the best suppliers in the industry.

The Group Supplier Quality Assurance System (GSQA) is a documented series of procedures and manuals which cover how Electrolux Major Appliances will work with and measure suppliers to attain the above.

The procedure files

To make these procedures into a folder or book, the files Index and Volume consist of an index, a Frontpiece and Section Separators etc.

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We are always looking for new suppliers who can meet our requirements and help reach our vision of providing the highest quality products at competitive prices for our customers worldwide.

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