UNGC Communication on Progress

1 June, 2012
UN Global Compact Logotype

UN Global Compact Logotype

Electrolux has submitted its 2012 UN Global Compact Communication on Progress according to GC Advanced Level reporting.

Electrolux supports the UN Global Compact and its ten principles on environment, labor practices, human rights and anti-corruption. Where relevant, the Electrolux 2011 sustainability performance review, Sustainability matters, the 2011 Annual Report and Future InSight, the sustainability strategy report, highlight how the Group’s sustainability priorities reflect its commitment to the ten principles of the UN Global Compact.

Electrolux sustainability reporting is based on the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) G3.1 framework. In this UNGC Communication on Progress, Electrolux has also considered the UNGC Advanced level of reporting. Electrolux aims to continue to raise its bar on reporting practices according to this level in future reporting cycles.

When applicable, the UNGC index indicates where readers can find examples of how Electrolux meets, or plans to meet, best practice levels in regards to the UNGC’s 24 criteria for reporting.

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Change is happening faster than ever before. At Electrolux, our sustainability strategy is designed to meet that challenge. We want to be clear about our place in the new world that’s emerging. We want...

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Through innovation, Electrolux aims to set the standard for sustainability and lead the way in resource efficiency, water conservation and safety.

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